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The Top 7 Major Airports in London, UK


HoLondon is a popular destination in the United Kingdom and the most visited worldwide. Each year, the city welcomes around 30 million tourists from around the world to one of six airports. We prepared a list of the major airports in London, United Kingdom for tourists.

London has one of the busiest and most important airports in the world, which serves a variety of domestic and international flights. It can be unclear to navigate so many airports within such a large city. This article will cover all your information about London’s largest airports.

London is served by six significant airports in England, all located far from the city centre. It is also the UK’s largest airport, with much traffic daily entering and leaving the city. London’s main airports can connect to public transport like trains and buses. This makes it easy to get into the city from any location. We’ll be listing some of the major airports situated on the land, but in case you will have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow International Airport (LHR) is well-known worldwide as the main entry point to the city. It is one of the major airports in London with the busiest daily operations: over 100,000 passengers per day. It’s Europe’s busiest airport.

British Airways’ main hub is located approximately 30 km from central London. It has five terminals that span its 12-kilometres. Travellers can shop in over 160 shops or dine at more than 100 restaurants and cafes if they have time between flights.

London’s largest airport will provide many connections to the city centre. There are also numerous bus and train options. You can also take the tube to London, while there are buses and trains between some Heathrow terminals.

Gatwick Airport

There’s a good possibility that you will land at Gatwick Airport in southeast England, even if you are not flying to Heathrow Airport. Gatwick International Airport (LGW), located just 50km from London’s centre, is the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the most active in Europe.

Gatwick Airport, London’s largest airport, handled over 46 million passengers in 2018. It has only two terminals. It hosts major airlines such as British Airways, Norwegian and EasyJet.

Although it does not have tube access, it is well connected to all the coach lines that go into London, including National Express.

Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport (STN), located in northeast London, is the fourth most active airport in the United Kingdom. It also serves approximately 25 million passengers annually.

Stansted, located 60 km from London’s centre, is one of Europe’s fastest-growing airports. The airport serves 12 airlines and is a hub for European budget airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet.

While it is the farthest from London’s heart on this list of places to visit, Stansted Airport is serviced by many coach lines that travel into London, including EasyBus and National Express.

Durham Tees Valley Airport

This was once an RAF base. It is located north of Darlington, County Durham’s largest town. In 1950, it was turned into a small airport. Today, Durham Tees Valley Airport is an international airport with daily flights to Amsterdam. It has connections to Aberdeen and Humberside airports. It is also used for defence contractors and air ambulances, but not for exciting fighter-jet purposes.

Stornoway Airport

Is there anything more beautiful than North England? North Scotland! Stornoway Airport is located in Stornoway, on the Outer Hebrides. These are the islands of North-West Scotland. Loganair is the only airline that operates from it. However, it is small. It was once an RAF base, a NATO forward staging airport. This probably meant that it was being nuked in the case of World War III. It is currently accepted by Loganair, British Mail, and private aircraft.

St Mary’s Airport (Isles of Scilly)

It is the third-smallest and third-largest airport in the UK, but it has two names. St. Mary’s/Isles of Scilly Airport is home to the 2300 residents of 5 inhabited islands off Cornwall’s coast. Island Helicopters or the Isles of Scilly Skybus can reach all islands. This is the fastest way to get to the island and doesn’t require that you charter a plane. These flights take just 15 minutes and are available eight times daily for 230 Queen’s Pounds. The airport serves as an administrative base for Isles of Scilly Fire and Rescue Service. It has connections to Newquay, Land’s End, and Exeter.

Alderney airport

Alderney is the principal airport. It’s located in one of the Channel Islands. It was used during the Norman invasions as a staging zone. It was established on the islands in 1935. The airport received a new terminal in 1968. Fifty years later, it is still in desperate need of repairs. Aurigny is currently the airline of Guernsey’s Bailiwick.

Land’s End Airport

The appropriately named Land’s End Airport is located in mainland England. Though, you may not be aware of the third point regarding St. Mary’s Airport. This small airport was built to serve the Isles of Scilly in 1935. This airport is connected by the Isle of Scilly Skybus and Island Helicopters to St. Mary’s. You can also take observation tours of the area!

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