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ESTA UK – Visa Waiver Application

Get your approved ESTA UK travel – ESTA Visa in 4 simple steps
ESTA is an online travel authorization system, which stands for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Visa waiver is for travellers who want to visit the United States for the following purposes:
  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Transit
The main goal of the Travel authorization is to provide safety and security for the residents of the US. ESTA UK generally last for two years. Over the Course of the indicated period you can stay up to 90 days in the United States.

ESTA UK & the Visa Waiver Program

ESTA UK is an automated system that helps determine eligibility of certain travelers who are planning to cross the border of the US. It also assesses whether the traveler poses any threat to the security of the borders or carries law enforcement risks. Once you have applied for the application, we will notify you about the results on your email address, which you should indicate.

DHS administers the VWP. They decide whether or not the applicant should be granted ESTA UK Authorization or not. Certain countries can apply for the Visa Waiver Program, which are the countries that the US government has good relations or trusts them.

To submit an online application, press the green button saying “Apply for ESTA.” It is a good idea to apply for an ESTA application couple of days before you’re planning to leave the country. DHS will ask basic ESTA questions about your eligibility. It is a simple procedure, and make sure that you answer these questions truthfully and precisely. Otherwise your application may be denied.

Please keep in mind that ESTA UK doesn’t grant you permanent residence. In this case, you will need to apply for a different type of a Visa.


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How long does it take to apply for ESTA UK?

Completing the ESTA UK online application form takes five to ten minutes. DHS recommends that you should submit it no later than 72 hours before the trip. As this is the time you will probably receive a response at the email address you have indicated.  Before you start planning your trip, be sure to apply for a visa application 3 days before your plane departs.
As previously mentioned, filling out the application truthfully is essential. DHS compares your information to existing databases. If the information submitted is invalid, your application might be denied, or you could be asked additional questions, to clarify your answers. In other cases, you might need to attend an interview.

List of Visa Waiver Countries?

  • Visa waiver country flagAndora
  • Visa waiver country flagAustralia
  • Visa waiver country flagAustria
  • Visa waiver country flagBelgium
  • Visa waiver country flagBrunei
  • Visa waiver country flagChile
  • Visa waiver country flagCroatia
  • Visa waiver country flagCzech Republic
  • Visa waiver country flagDenmark
  • Visa waiver country flagEstonia
  • Visa waiver country flagFinland
  • Visa waiver country flagFrance
  • Visa waiver country flagGermany
  • Visa waiver country flagGreece
  • Visa waiver country flagHungary
  • Visa waiver country flagIceland
  • Visa waiver country flagIreland
  • Visa waiver country flagIsrael
  • Visa waiver country flagItaly
  • Visa waiver country flagJapan
  • Visa waiver country flagSouth Korea
  • Visa waiver country flagLatvia
  • Visa waiver country flagLiechtenstein
  • Visa waiver country flagLithuania
  • Visa waiver country flagLuxembourg
  • Visa waiver country flagMalta
  • Visa waiver country flagMonaco
  • Visa waiver country flagNetherlands
  • Visa waiver country flagNew Zealand
  • Visa waiver country flagNorway
  • Visa waiver country flagPoland
  • Visa waiver country flagPortugal
  • Visa waiver country flagSan Marino
  • Visa waiver country flagSingapore
  • Visa waiver country flagSlovakia
  • Visa waiver country flagSlovenia
  • Visa waiver country flagSpain
  • Visa waiver country flagSweden
  • Visa waiver country flagSwitzerland
  • Visa waiver country flagTaiwan
  • Visa waiver country flagUnited Kingdom

ESTA UK Requirements to enter the United States

Before travelling to the US, you should take some time to learn the different regulations to avoid unexpected incidents on your arrival. If you have any questions regarding what regulations you should follow, please to not hesitate to Contact Us. The exact reason why we created ESTA UK is to ensure that all applicants have exact information about the Visa Waiver Program, it’s rules, and regulations. We ensure to decrease the risks of denial to your application.

During the flight, you will also have to fill out Customs Form 6059-B. This form will be used to keep track of any specific items being brought into the country. When you go through Border Control, the I-94 form will be created. For travellers arriving by air, this is no longer handed out in paper form but can be obtained electronically.

Who will review my ESTA UK Documents?

Your ESTA Visa application and indicated documents will be reviewed through the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In addition, a CBP officer will perform the US-VISIT process, whereby your fingerprint and a photo will be taken, and your identity checked by use of this biometric data. US officials are also authorised to know details of your travel plans, and you are therefore advised to bring a copy of your travel documents with you. In addition, you may have to present documents showing you have sufficient financial resources. On completion of these procedures, you will go through Customs. You may think that these procedures are complicated, but once you apply, you will receive all the assistance you may even need.

You must possess a valid passport throughout your trip, including the day of departure. There are exceptions to this rule for certain countries; more detailed information is available on the CBP website. Routine checks of luggage and baggage are possible. To ensure you that you do not carry anything extra, contact us to receive the full list of these items.

Requirements to apply for ESTA UK online

It is essential to know if you are qualified for an ESTA authorisation before you submit your online application. The requirements are:

The traveller has no criminal record in the US, prior to applying for ESTA UK

It is essential not to have any criminal background or involvement in terrorist activities. The primary purpose of ESTA UK is to improve the safety and security of travellers and country residents visiting. However, a minor criminal record does not automatically mean that your ESTA application will be denied. You will be asked additional questions or scheduled for an interview.

The traveller has a valid passport

You should have a valid biometric passport lawfully issued by the government of the United Kingdom. The passport details that you sent to us will be attached to your application. After you receive ESTA authorisation, it is valid until your Visa Waiver expires or your passport is not valid anymore. Remember that you cannot transfer your ESTA UK from one passport to another. If your passport expires, you need to apply for ESTA application one more time with the new passport. If you have already acquired an ESTA application and you wish to check or update ESTA, we offer those services as well.

The ESTA UK applicant is a citizen or national of one of the VWP countries


The United States has an agreement with a certain number of countries. VWP member state citizens can travel to the United States using the ESTA application. Unless you are a citizen of a country that is part of the agreement, then you cannot apply for the ESTA Visa Waiver program.

The traveller intends to enter the US for 90 days or less

ESTA is designed for short-term travels only. You can travel to the United States for up to 90 days, for whatever the purpose of the flight may be:

  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Travel
  • Pleasure
  • Vacation
  • Transit

You cannot use ESTA to look for a job in the USA. Studying in the USA using the Visa Waiver program is not possible either. If you try to go to the USA using the ESTA application for more extended stays than the initial 90 days, your application will be denied and banned from applying for ESTA in the future. Although, if you are seeking for remote work in the USA, ESTA application can be used to do so.

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