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Some pro tips for Business Travel


Business travel is not a vacation. You’ll often experience jet lag, insomnia, and stress while on business. If you are tired from travel, your performance at work will likely be poor.

Although there is no easy way to eliminate all stress and hassle when travelling for business, following some basic guidelines and applying some critical practices can make it a little easier. Here are some tips to make your next business trip less stressful. In case you will have any further ESTA questions, you can check our dedicated page, to follow through with it.

TSA Pre-Check: Cut the Line

Long airport lines can make you feel rushed, exhausted, and wasted time. TSA Pre-Check is an excellent option for those who travel domestically to work. While there are some inevitable airport lines, it’s not impossible to avoid them. You can apply online for TSA Pre-Check membership through the Transportation Security Administration. This allows you to board faster, skip lines and reach your destination sooner.

Invest In a Lounge Membership

Although they may seem unnecessary to some, those who frequently travel for work have found that airport lounge memberships can be a worthwhile investment. You will feel more relaxed and centred in a quiet, private environment.

Print tickets

You can now access everything on your smartphone, from meetings to flight and hotel bookings. However, you should still print your tickets and other essential documents.

If your phone is stolen or lost, print all required documents and tickets before travelling for business purposes. You’ll be better prepared for the worst and arrive on-time and ready to face it if the worst happens.

Get an App for Expense Reports

You’ll need to track all expenses related to your business travel if you plan to travel on company funds. This can sometimes get lost in the chaos of travel.

You can keep track of purchases by downloading an expense report app such as Rydoo, Shoeboxed or Abacus. You can also save receipts using the photo file features of the apps, which eliminates the possibility of losing them.

If possible, carry on only.

Travelling with only carry-on luggage reduces your burden and makes travelling more accessible and enjoyable. You don’t have to wait for baggage claims or risk losing your luggage.

Packing light enough to fit into a standard carry-on for business trips is usually possible. You can always use your hotel’s dry cleaning and laundry services to reduce your clothing requirements.


Although it may not be something, you want to do after a long flight and return, exercise has been shown to increase energy levels and reduce jet lag. You’ll want to make use of the gym in your hotel or plan to exercise in your room. Exercise on business trips benefits your physical health and can also help you increase productivity and reduce stress-related travel.

Eat Healthily

Many business-related trips offer plenty of treats and restaurant visits. Fast food is also more appealing because of the stress associated with travel.

While it is okay to indulge occasionally, it is best to avoid fast food and unhealthy snacking on business trips. Instead, plan healthy meals ahead of time. You will have more energy, better performance, and a greater sense of focus if you eat well while on the move.

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