A List Of Pro Tips for Business Travel


business travel

Business travel is no vacation. It’s often marked with jet lag, sleepless nights, and stress. Unfortunately, if travel has left you tired and stretched thin, you'll likely perform poorly at your job.

There’s no quick and easy tip to take all the stress and hassle out of travelling for business purposes but following some simple guidelines and implementing some essential practices can help take off the edge and make the trip a bit easier. For your next business trip, here are a few tips to make the travel aspect a little less stressful.

Cut the Line With TSA Pre-Check

Subjecting yourself to long airport lines is a great way to become further exhausted, waste time, and end up feeling rushed. While some airport lines are unavoidable, those who travel domestically for business purposes will want to invest in TSA Pre-Check. The membership, which you can apply for online through the Transportation Security Administration, allows you to skip lines, board quicker, and get to where you’re going sooner.

Invest In a Lounge Membership

They might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but those who frequently travel for business have found that airport lounge memberships are well worth the investment. Having the opportunity to unwind and relax in a private, quiet environment will sometimes keep you feeling more rested, more centered, and more energized for whatever the trip throws at you.

Print Tickets

These days, everything from meeting schedules to flights and hotel bookings can be conveniently navigated on your mobile device, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t print your tickets and other important documents.

In the event that your phone is lost, stolen, or experiencing technical difficulties, be sure to print all necessary tickets and documents before setting off for business-related travel. Should the worst-case scenario become a reality, you’ll be much more prepared to handle the circumstances and still arrive on time and ready to go.

Download an Expense Report App

If you’re travelling on your company’s dime, you’ll want to keep track of all business-related expenses, so you’re sure to get reimbursed. Unfortunately, in the chaos and hustle of travel, this can sometimes fall wayside.

Downloading an expense report app (such as Expensify, Shoeboxed, Abacus or Rydoo) will allow you to keep close tabs on those purchases. Using the applications’ photo filing features, it also does away with the need to save receipts, eliminating your chances of ever losing them.

When Possible, Go Carry-on Only

Besides lightening your load, travelling exclusively with carry-on luggage also cuts wait times and makes travel of any type much more comfortable. With carry-on luggage, there are no wait times at baggage claims and no risk of lost luggage.

Because most business trips are short, packing light enough to fit a standard carry-on should generally be doable. Remember: you can always use your hotel's laundry and dry cleaning services to reduce the number of clothes needed during your trip.


It’s probably the last thing you feel like doing after a long flight, but exercise is shown to boost energy levels and lessen the effects of jet lag. For these reasons, you’ll want to take full advantage of your hotel’s gym, or even make plans to work out in your room. Besides the obvious physical benefits, exercising while on business trips can also increase productivity and reduce travel-related stress.

Eat Healthily

Business-related travel often presents plenty of free treats, restaurant visits, and other delicious (yet unhealthy) food options. The stress from travel also makes quick options like fast food seem more enticing than they otherwise would.

Though it’s okay to indulge sometimes, it’s best to skip the treats, fast food, and unhealthy snacking while on business trips. Instead, think proactively about planning healthy meals. Eating well while you’re on the go will lead to higher energy levels, better performance, and an increased sense of focus.

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