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New York City Airports


New York City is a famous city. Although many people visit the city yearly, they sometimes don’t make it to their destination on time. International travellers don’t think New York airports are very well-respected. Your options can be overwhelming when you first fly into New York.

Three options are available for those interested in New York City’s airports: John F. Kennedy International Airport and La Guardia International Airport.

You may not have many airport options depending on which airline you fly. We’ll take a moment to discuss the airports you might be travelling to.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

We will remind our foreign travellers to ensure their ESTA is current before we start. To travel comfortably, ensure your ESTA is up-to-date if it has expired.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, also known as JFK Airport, is one of North America’s busiest airports.

Although it is often believed to be in Brooklyn, it is actually in Southern Queens. This is a popular choice for international travellers. JFK offers many international flights. If you fly Jet Blue, you might end up at JFK’s enormous, beautiful Jet Blue terminal.

This airport is ideal if you intend to spend most of your time in Brooklyn or Fort Greene. You might want to choose a different airport if you plan on visiting friends and seeing the sights in Manhattan. Upper Manhattan is quite far away, so you can take the subway or taxis.

Imagine that you only plan to make NYC your first stop while travelling. JFK is an excellent choice of airport. You can quickly get your next flight from the airport’s central hub.

La Guardia International Airport (LGA)

Plan your trip to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Queens or North Brooklynn by flying into La Guardia. These areas are very close to this airport.

La Guardia has the only problem of all three airports you can fly to. This airport may not be accessible by direct flights, so you might need to transfer.

You will also find fewer amenities than in other airports and fewer people to assist you.

This could be a reason for La Guardia’s poor reviews from Americans. It is often ranked among the worst airports for flight delays, cancellations and service.

Newark Liberty International Airport EWR

International travellers often overlook this airport because it’s not located in New York City. It’s located in New Jersey. If you are flying internationally, it is worth considering soaring flights into Newark.

It is easy to get from Newark to New York City. It takes only minutes to get there by bus or subway. The airport is an excellent choice for those who plan to stay in Manhattan. You can quickly reach famous places like Times Square or the Financial District from Newark.

Going beyond New York City Airports

Only three New York City airports are available for you to fly into and out of. Each one has its advantages. It is essential to consider how you will be spending your trip. It is easy to pick the correct airport after you have planned your itinerary.

Once you have figured out the best way to fly into the city, it is time to organise your paperwork. Use our ESTA system to verify your eligibility for travel.

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