Health and Wellbeing While Flying


Health and Wellbeing While Flying

Getting the chance to travel to a new destination is exciting but flying can undoubtedly have a toll on your body. That’s why health and wellbeing while flying is so important.

When you’re rushing to the airport, climbing on a flight or merely trying to get through your travel itinerary, our bodies are often neglected. Practicing good health and wellbeing habits will ensure you stay in tip-top shape to make the most of your travels. Ultimately, being super prepared for your trip is key to maintaining good health and wellbeing while travelling. But what does that entail?

You may want to keep the following in mind on your next trip to get you through your travels without feeling drained by the end of it.

Have a Preflight Ritual

To make your time at the airport less stressful, it’s best to have some preflight preparations. Most airlines allow their guests to check-in online before the flight; so instead of rushing to the airport, take advantage and give yourself the extra time.

Before heading to the airport, plan your outfit accordingly. You’ll want to opt for comfort instead of style. Comfortable socks and shoes are great to have when flying. The same goes for clothes you can layer on and off and are suitable for readjusting to changing temperatures high in the air, and at your new destination.

Avoiding a heavy meal before a flight is best but pack snacks to ward off hunger while in the air. Depending on the length of your flight, you’ll also want to walk about as much as you can, since you’ll likely be confined to your airplane seat until you reach your destination.

Plan for a Relaxing Flight

It can be hard to keep your excitement at bay when you’re heading off on a new adventure. Using the flight time to get some rest can help you feel less groggy and laggy when you arrive at your destination.

Be sure to include relaxing activities in your carry-on like calming music and videos, especially if the airline has limited or no in-flight entertainment options. You can start listening to these before or after takeoff to kick-start your relaxation.

If you’re feeling cramped and restless in a long-haul flight, getting up to stretch your legs is good. Or even doing simple movements and exercises in your seat can help get your blood flowing and help get you back to a relaxed state.

Stay Hydrated

While flying, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You can buy or fill up a water bottle or two before boarding your flight. If not, don’t forget to request some from your flight attendant.

You should also keep your skin hydrated by packing a travel-sized moisturizer and lip balm to avoid dry or cracking skin. Apply these during your flight to keep your skin feeling refreshed.

It’s also wise to limit your alcohol and caffeine intake while flying. While it can help relax or energize you, it can also disrupt your sleep cycle, making it harder to fall asleep during and after your flight.

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