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Business Travel with Virgin Atlantic, the Bluebiz


Virgin Atlantic for Business Travel, the Bluebiz

Virgin Atlantic Airlines, a British airline, is based in Crawley, United Kingdom. They offer a wide range of routes to different continents and have many ways to reward their clients and Bluebiz is one of those advantages. Be sure to have your ESTA Visa, before you purchase tickets for your flights.

Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to customers, particularly returning customers, is evident in Bluebiz.

Bluebiz can help you with Virgin Atlantic business travel. This article contains all the information you need.

Bluebiz: What is it?

Virgin Atlantic announced the end of Flying Co., their corporate travel rewards program. However, this doesn’t mean that they have abandoned their corporate travellers.

Virgin Atlantic instead partnered with Air France and KLM on Bluebiz. Bluebiz is a loyalty program that caters to both employees and businesses.

You only need to complete a few online forms to be eligible for free membership. You’ll earn reward points for business owners who travel with their employees.

Bluebiz: How does it work?

Bluebiz will reward you with “Blue Credits” points after joining the program. When booking a flight with Virgin Atlantic or another Bluebiz partner, you need to mention your Bluebiz number to receive your rewards.

You can ask your travel agent for your Bluebiz number to be added to your company profile. You’ll be able to earn credits by including your Bluebiz number in your company profile.

The frequency of your travels and the type of flight you take will determine how many Blue Credits you earn. Each Blue Credit is equivalent to approximately $1 in currency (300 Blue Credits = 300 USD/GBP/EUR), which can be used for future flights.

Once you have completed your trip, your Blue Credits will be available and automatically applied to your account. They will be available for two years after that.

Bluebiz Benefits

Bluebiz is an excellent option for corporate travellers. Virgin Atlantic and its partners can also collect Blue Credits. KLM, Air France and Delta Airlines are some of the partners.

Blue Credits are roughly the same currency as USD, so it will be easy to determine how many Blue Credits you’ll need to fly for free. Bluebiz has a guide that will help you calculate the cost of your trip using Blue Credits. If a flight costs $900, you will need 900 Blue Credits to fly that flight free of charge.

Virgin Atlantic and Air France-KLM partner to offer more options for small business customers in the UK

Virgin Atlantic expands UK coverage of the bluebiz program, which includes KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways, Air France, Delta Air Lines, and Air France.

You can earn and burn Blue credits by SME customers of all bluebiz partner airlines.

Why should you travel with Blue Biz?

On 4th of June 2019, Virgin Atlantic has partnered with Air France-KLM to improve the UK’s blue biz small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) corporate loyalty program. These new businesses are a vital part of the Virgin Atlantic brand. With the new program, SME customers more significant significantly more excellent opportunities to earn and use credits on more airlines, routes, and reward options.

Bluebiz is simple to join and easy to redeem rewards. You will earn Blue credits will for every flight you take on bluebiz member airlines. You can use Blue credits to pay for future flights. This will allow you to save money on your travel expenses. Blue credits can cover any taxes or surcharges and are not limited to booking classes.

Today’s announcement by Virgin Atlantic means that the company will be saying goodbye to Flying Co, its SME program. Flying Co will be closing on July 1, 2019. It’s flights booked before July 1st 2019, will continue earning Flying Co points, which will continue to reward customers for their loyalty by allowing them to redeem Flying Co miles until 31 December 2020.

Oliver Byers, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Customer Loyalty, commented:

“We are delighted to partner with Air France KLM to provide our customers with a top-of-the-line loyalty program. Our customers can now earn and burn on Virgin Atlantic, as well as with our partners KLM Dutch Airlines and Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways, Air France, Delta Air Lines, Air France and Delta Air Lines. We have seen significant growth in SME sectors, and we can’t wait to see our customers take advantage of this fantastic loyalty program.

The program’s key points

  • Bluebiz has more than 200,000 members in over 125 markets
  • UK members can redeem blue credits for five airline partners’ flights
  • All taxes and surcharges included in the cost of an award ticket. All published fares and availability can be used and paid for using blue credits. Free access is free, and there are no hidden fees.
  • Flying Club miles can be earned by employees, while employers can take advantage of the bluebiz program.
  • Bluebiz was recently named the Best SME Airline Loyalty Program 2019 in the UK by SME Magazine. The same publication also gave the SME Airline Group of 2019 to Air France-KLM Group.
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