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Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance – 2022 Guide


FurthAlthough it is thrilling to fly with Virgin Atlantic, some people find packing the most challenging part of travel. Knowing your airline’s and Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance will help you save a lot of time and hassle down the road.

It’s best to prepare for your Virgin Atlantic baggage flight. This article will provide all the information about Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance and how to fly with luggage. Virgin Atlantic passengers can bring hand and checked baggage like other airlines.

Both types of baggage can be carried on board the flight. Hand baggage may be taken with you, while checked baggage is stored in the cargo or freight compartment. Both limited and hand baggage come with restrictions.

Allowance for handbags

  • Virgin Atlantic offers hand baggage with every ticket.
  • Hand luggage is typically smaller than your regular vacation trunk. It includes luggage such as backpacks, overnight bags miniature mall suitcases.
  • Hand baggage should be small enough to fit in the overhead compartment.

Hand Baggage Allowance for Class

Only Premium and Economy passengers can be granted one hand luggage with the ticket purchase. Hence, you should not exceed 10kg in weight with any different ticket type.

Upper-class passengers may carry two bags per person, not exceeding 12kg each bag or 16kg together. This is ideal if you need to bring an additional technology bag.

Babies and toddlers under 24 months old have a hand baggage limit of 6kg. You can also add collapsible pushchairs or car seats.

Checked Baggage

Check-in baggage is not included in all tickets, unlike hand baggage. Economy Light tickets do not include checked baggage. You will have to pay extra if you want this coverage.

One checked bag is allowed for passengers flying with Virgin Atlantic’s Economy Classic or Delight Class.

Premium Class passengers are permitted two bags. However, it is essential to inspect check-in baggage.

Flyers with an Upper-Class ticket can bring up to three pieces of checked baggage, no heavier than 32kg and with the exact dimensions as the previous classes. Eventually, the same applies to infants and seated children.

Children seated on passengers’ laps will be allowed to check one piece of luggage. It must not exceed 23kg.

Additional Baggage

Extra baggage will incur a 65 USD charge per passenger if they exceed the allowance. But, you can add additional baggage online or at the airport.

Online check-in allows you to purchase an additional seven bags. You can only buy other bags online, which will be purchased exclusively at the airport. Also, each person is responsible for their baggage. Additional baggage cannot be transferred between flights.

Economy baggage allowance

Economy Classic and Delight tickets come with one checked-in bag*. It can measure up to 90x75x43cm (35.5×29.5x16ins) and weigh up to 23kg (50lb).

Economy light tickets do not come with a checked bag. However, you can purchase additional baggage at check-in if you have a need.

You will get a different allowance if you fly to or from Delhi, Islamabad, Johannesburg and Lagos. For more information, please refer to the table below.

Premium baggage allowance

You can bring up to two bags if booked in our Premium cabin. Bags can be as small as 90x75x43cm (35.5×29.5x16ins) and as heavy as 23kg (50lb).

Upper-Class baggage allowance

The Upper-Class checked-in bag allowance has been increased to 9/12/2019. Therefore, you can bring up to three bags if you book before December 9th. It’s only two bags after that date. The weight and size of the bag will remain the same.

Children’s baggage allowance

The baggage allowances for children and seated infants will apply. Hence, the baggage allowance for lap infants, which we refer to as children who don’t require their seat, is 1 x 23kg (50 lb) in each cabin except Economy Light, where there is no baggage.

You can bring your infants and children along with you on holiday. We can also take your car seat and a fully collapsible stroller.

Hand baggage for children

Flying to and from Delhi, Islamabad or Johannesburg, and Cape Town. Lagos, Lahore, Cape Town.

You might get more than the standard baggage allowance on your ticket. The amount depends on whether your booking was made before or after December 9, 2019, when we updated our baggage policy.

It is important to remember that Economy Light Tickets do NOT include checked baggage, regardless of the date you book.

Music instruments, equipment for sports and bags extra-large

You might not be able to carry some tools in your hand luggage. Check out our Hand baggage allowance page to find out what size bags you can bring into the cabin.

You can either check it in as checked baggage or pay an additional fee if it is too large to carry as hand baggage. Learn more about taking musical instruments

Taking sports equipment

You can take a piece of equipment you own, like skis, as long as it is less than 23kg (50lb). Look to our Sports equipment page for more information about each item’s dimensions.

Taking extra bags

Extra baggage can be checked in beyond what is allowed. However, you must make arrangements before you fly and pay an additional baggage fee. Furthermore, all details can be found on corresponding Additional baggage page.

Take oversized bags

Our Oversized baggage page will help you if your bag is larger than the 90x75x43cm (35.5×29.5x16ins) standard.

Flying in different cabins for different flights

You can use the checked-in baggage allowance for each cabin if you book multiple flights. If you travel in Economy Classic Economy for your outbound, you will get one bag and Premium Premium Premium for your return; you will get two bags.

Flying Club Gold members

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members can bring an additional piece of luggage on any Virgin Atlantic flight for free if they have reached the top tier. But, it can weigh up to 23 kg. No matter what cabin you are flying in, it doesn’t matter. Flying Club Gold benefits are available.

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