Winter Holidays: Destinations in the USA


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The United States has some of the most visited destinations on earth, with a large number of world-famous cities and landmarks. That said, the country is also an excellent place for a winter holiday.

With varying climates and weather patterns across the country, you can cash in on a variety of experiences spending your winter holidays in the US. Whether you’re craving a magical big city Christmas, or prefer to spend your holidays lazing on the beach, this article has some of the best locations for taking a winter vacation in the United States.

From soaking up the sun in Miami to ringing in the year in NYC, here’s some winter magic to look forward to.

New York City

The weather might be cold, but that’s certainly not going to slow down the City That Never Sleeps. New York City turns into a winter wonderland from December through February with a ton of events and festivities on the go.

Christmas season means the city will be decorated from top to bottom with merry features. And of course, come New Year's Eve, we all know Times Square is the place to be for their iconic celebration.

And for the foodies? Late January and early February mark New York’s Restaurant Week with over 300 participating restaurants showing off gourmet dishes to make your mouth water.


If you want to get in tune with nature or have a relaxing romantic winter weekend, you should set your sights on Seattle.

Set on the west coast, Seattle sees milder temperatures than the cities on the east, making it the perfect location for hiking or checking out the city’s numerous parks.


Boston might be cold, but its snowy backdrops make it one of the most enchanting cities for a winter holiday. This city is big on sports, hockey being one of them, and it’s easy to get in on the action during the winter.

Check out a Bruins game to feel like a true local or try your hand at ice-skating on your own at the Boston Common Frog Pond.

Along with ice-skating, Boston is the perfect place to try out several classic winter sports and activities, including snowshoeing, tubing, and sledding. Just don’t forget to warm up with some hot cocoa afterward.


If you’re looking to get away from the cold during your winter holidays in the US, Florida is a sure bet. It’s known for having some of the mildest winters in the United States so that you can leave your parka behind.

You might want to opt for some swimwear instead and head to one of America’s iconic beaches in Miami.

Or if you’re after a thrill, head to Orlando to check out some of America’s best theme parks from Disney World to Universal Studios.

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