The British Airways Executive Club


The British Airways Executive Club

British Airways is the United Kingdom’s second-largest airline, and one of the world’s longest-running airlines recognized around the globe. While British Airways dates as far back as 1919, it wasn’t until the mid-nineties that this airline would establish the popular British Airways Executive Club.

This reward program was put into place to help travellers get better benefits when flying with British Airways. The British Airways Executive Club has come a long way, and this guide has everything you need to know.

The British Airways Executive Club is a free rewards program that allows travellers to collect points during their adventures abroad. These points, called “Avios”, can then be used for discounts on airline and other travel services including flights, hotels and car hires.

Basically, the number of reward points you receive depends on how often you travel as Avios are collected when booking flights, hotels, or car rentals. That said, this program allows you to share your points across family and friends. You can also collect them faster by sharing.

British Airway Executive Club Tiers

When you’re a part of the British Airway Executive Club, you’ll also be collecting “tier points” along with Avios.

There are four tiers: Blue, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each come with their list of benefits, and the number of tier points you have will dictate which tier rewards you’ll benefit from.

The Blue tier is free, and you’re automatically subscribed after applying for the British Airway Executive Club program. However, the Bronze tier requires 300 points, the Silver tier 600, and the Gold tier requires 1500 points to reap their benefits.

While the Blue tier gives you access to member-only offers and the ability to collect more points, more significant benefits start coming in at higher levels.

For example, the Bronze tier gives you free seat selection 7-days before departure, as well as priority check-in. When you move up to the Silver and Gold tiers, you’ll have free seat selection on booking as well as access to lounges, extra baggage allowance, and bigger bonuses when collecting points.

Using British Airway Executive Club Avios Points

Now that you know how Avios and tier points work, the following will tell you how to go about using your rewards.

Collecting Rewards

Great for frequent travellers either for leisure or business, the British Airway Executive Club gives members a number of ways to both collect and use their points while travelling.

Along with booking flights with British Airways, the airline has also partnered with a number of brands for you to collect and use your Avios with.

Avis, Tesco, and ASOS are just a few brands connected to the British Airway Executive Club, but members are also able to collect Avios from shopping with over 800 brands lifestyle and finance brands in partnership with British Airways.

Spending Rewards

Avios can also be used in a variety of ways. Members can use points to not only book flights and pieces of their vacation, but Avios extends to travel upgrades, experiences like wine-tastings, and on-board food too!

If you have a reward in mind but don’t have enough Avios to accommodate, the Executive Club program allows members to purchase the extra points needed.

If you’d like to help out family members and friends by passing on your rewards to them, the British Airway Executive Club makes it easy. Members can open a “Household Account,” so you can easily share your rewards with family and friends regardless of their address.

Members can also easily transfer points to other members to help make-up Avios points.

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