Virgin Atlantic Business Travel (Bluebiz)


Virgin Atlantic Business Travel (Bluebiz)

Virgin Atlantic Airlines is a British airline based out of Crawley in the United Kingdom. Not only do they have a variety of routes to multiple continents, but they have several ways to reward their clientele as well.

Bluebiz is one example of Virgin Atlantic’s dedication to its customers, especially returning ones.

How does Bluebiz help with Virgin Atlantic business travel? This article has everything you need to know.


What Is Bluebiz?

Virgin Atlantic said good-bye to their corporate travel rewards program, Flying Co., in July 2019. But that doesn’t mean they left their corporate travellers high and dry.

Instead, Virgin Atlantic partnered with Air France, KLM, and Delta Airlines on Bluebiz. Bluebiz caters to businesses and their employees and works much like other loyalty programs.

It’s entirely free to join with just a few things to fill out online. When business owners and their employees travel, you’ll be eligible to collect reward points.


How Does Bluebiz Work?

After joining the program, Bluebiz gives you reward points, called “Blue Credits.” When you book a flight through Virgin Atlantic or another Bluebiz partner, you’ll need to quote your Bluebiz number to receive your rewards.

To make things easier, you can also ask your travel agent to include your Bluebiz number in your company profile. This way, it will automatically be remembered in their reservation system, so you’ll never be without a chance to rack up some credits.

The number of Blue Credits you earn depends on the flight and the frequency of your travels. Each Blue Credit equates to about $1 in currency (i.e., 300 Blue Credits = 300 USD/GBP/EUR) which can then be used towards future flights.

Blue Credits are available as soon as you’ve completed your trip and are then automatically applied to your account. After that, they’ll be available for a span of two years.


Benefits of Using Bluebiz

Bluebiz is excellent for frequent corporate travellers. Blue Credits can be collected from Virgin Atlantic as well as their partners. Partners include KLM, Air France, Delta Airlines, and Kenya Airways.

Since Blue Credits equates to about the same in currency, it’ll be easy to see just how much Blue Credits you need for a free flight. Bluebiz also has a guide you can use to help calculate the cost of your trip in Blue Credits. For example, if a flight cost $900, you’ll need about 900 Blue Credits to take that flight for free.

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